About Us

Durable, stylish and functional, CS Measuring™ cup and spoon sets are designed with you in mind.

We know what features are most important to busy chefs. That’s why we offer measuring cups and spoons that have long, sturdy handles for easy scooping and clearly engraved measurements so you can quickly find the one you need. Our nesting sets fit easily in kitchen drawers and are carefully calibrated for accurate measuring. CS Measuring™ makes cooking easier and more convenient—with the right tools in your kitchen, you’ll find that meal prep is a breeze!

Whether you’re outfitting a new kitchen in a new home, replacing older gear, or buying a gift for a friend just starting out, CS Measuring™ cups and spoons are essential tools in any kitchen!

You can feel confident in your CS Measuring™ purchase—our products are designed with care and are backed by an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee. Visit our manufacturer’s website to learn more about our commitment to quality and customer service.

CS Measuring™: The high-quality measurement tools you need in your kitchen!